Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!


What a Great Day! I can say have been sufficiently spoiled (not that I'm not on a regular basis, but today, Zowie)! If you asked me yesterday what I wanted for my birthday I would've said, 8 consecutive hours of sleep. Well, while that Didn't Happen (no where near, poor Sam had a rough night last night), I still had a great day! My boys took very good care of me. I'm so blessed by them.
I love that Chris seems old enough to understand about when it's someone's birthday, and he's taking pleasure in Giving to others and his enthusiasm whenever we did something or said something about my birthday. All day long he kept asking, or rather Telling, me that I needed a cake. We needed to go to Kroger to get a Cake he said. And he thought we needed to go to Starbucks and Chick Fil-A. Oh he knows me well. :) Didn't make it to Kroger, but I did end up driving through Dairy Queen for an ice cream cake. ;) And Chris didn't eat much more than the icing...but Sam, Daddy, and I enjoyed it. My favorite was hearing him sing Happy Birthday to me, or Hapty Brootday as he says. He sang it a couple times for me in the car today.

Seems the theme for the season for Mommy is all things Pink. The boys started today by going to Starbucks and picking me up a Raspberry White Mocha while I took a long leisurely shower. A Birthday Treat in and of itself, but that's not where they stopped. We went to Chick Fil-A for brunch, and then to Menard's to shop for flowers for the house. And yes, I got some pink ones, bright hot pink geraniums and petunias for the back, as well as impatiens, celosia and marigold's for the front. Chris had fun shopping for seeds (he picked out a packet of Carrot Seeds--the book from the Imagination library this month , The Carrot Seed, is his favorite! The Birthday Pig had brought me Sonic and Mario's Vancouver Winter Olympic Games for the Wii! Holy Cow! It's So AWESOME! Chris and I played just a bit after naps this afternoon. The boys got me a Giant Pot, a beast of a thing, 12 quarts maybe, big enough to go over my head. We had fun yelling "BIG POT" and listening to the echo...yeah, it's that big. I started jumping up and down, Ooo, it'll be so much easier to make Jam and Applesauce. Chris wanted me to make Applesauce. Right. Away.
Uh no, so we distracted him with seeds and Chick Fil-A. I tell you, my happiness today came from seeing the boys happy about my birthday. Particulary Christopher. He is so enthusiastic, it made it Easy to enjoy my birthday.
I had been blessed with a couple early birthday presents a couple weeks ago. First, we had gotten me a new last one given away 10 years ago, but seeing Chris ride with such joy made me want to ride with him. Unfortunately it was all rainy and drab today, so I couldn't take her out for a spin, but I have done so a couple times, just a dash around the neighborhood. It's a nice ride, a big comfy seat, and wide tires, much better on the old caboose than my skinny little 10 speed used to be. All of us picked it out together, but Chris picked out my helmet...yup, you guessed it, Pink.

And Last Week, Eric found an opportunity that was Right up my alley. He found a place that sells gently used house supplies, and he went exploring. He called me saying he found a Pink Marble Jacuzzi Bathtub for the house. I had declared that our master bath was going to be pink in the new house, because I wanted 1 girly room, and it seems like the only time I get much privacy is in the bathroom. Now I like Pink, but a Pink Marble Tub? I never would've thought that of myself. Eric got me a pink laptop last yeara, and I wouldn't have picked It out for myself either, but I LOVE it. And after discussing, we decided that the deal was too good to pass up. So he got it! A pink Marble Tub, and 2 counters with holes for sinks. When they delivered them today (into my new 'happy birthday hon, here's a storage unit') they had brought the counters, tub, and a couple sinks too! What a steal. After naps, the boys and I went over to visit it, Chris climbed in and out, he thought it was a great treat to play in a tub in his SHOES. Wait until we can use it for real! Now that I've seen it in person...


Oh yes, it was a Good Day!


Seestor said...

1. CUTE video.
2. Dangit, you made me want an ice cream cake!
3. A pink heart-shaped tub, really? If I ever catch you lounging in that thing reading Danielle Steele and drinking cosmos, an intervention will be required. :)
Hapty Birfday. xoxox
P.S. What do you want for your birfday 'cause I'm not giving you the thing we got you.

Cathy said...

It's not heart shaped, it's an oval, and actually I was thinking, candles, bubbles and a cold bottle of White Zin! But your idea sounds pretty doable too!