Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday Thirteen - Last Day


Today Chris had his Preschool Last Day at St. A's. So our Thursday 13 will be pics from all that festivity for Chris.

1. Cousin Kaylee holds the Flag as the kids say the Pledge of Allegience.

2. The Whole Class...mostly sitting still. :)

3. The kids sing about Going on a Bear Hunt....with little fuzzy tails.

4. Still on a bear hunt, the kids have fun running through a Jello Field amongst other things.

5. Gotta go OVER it!

6. Bear says Rawr!

7. More hand plays...Chris actually was participating this year. Amazing!

8. OK, he wasn't sitting angelically still, but he's still pretty angelic. ;) One of the songs they sang was "Oh what a miracle am I. " The last verse as his whole miraculous life was flashing before my eyes, Chris started really belting it out, and I a Mom.

9. At the end, he was given a necklace, a DVD of a slideshow containing pictures from the whole school year, he was so happy, and I was SO Proud.

10. We kidnapped Daddy, since he had a couple meetings and couldn't make the program, we went after him, and took him out on a picnic, we grabbed tamales from The Tamale Place, which actually were quite good, and I don't even like Tamales. Even Sam liked them. So we took Chris to a park in Speedway that had been recently Revamped. This playground had some crazy modern stuff including this climbing net. Chris, ever brave, hopped right on to climb.

11. Chris, channeling his inner spider-man, Climbs the Spider Net.

12. Not too sure about this crazy modern slide...he was supposed to ride down it, legs hanging over like horse...very wary, but he's brave, he gave it a go.

13. Happy on the Slide...a good end to the day.


Melissa A. said...

Oh it looks like it was a wonderful day! He looked so cute participating in his program. And I know that park! It just so happens to be right next to my church. :) We haven't gotten to play there since it was "remodeled", but it looks like fun!