Saturday, May 29, 2010

Summer Surprise


Last summer marked the end of our plastic pool, so this year we've been on the prowl for a cute something new for swim time, and this whole week has been in the high 80's, making mama wish we had a pool!

Today, Daddy picked up a Summer Surprise while at the hardware store, and while the boys napped, he put it together. However, because of Time Outs, Chris was not allowed to participate in the Inaugural Swim.

Sam, however, was amazed at the beauty of our little backyard Oasis.

He just sat there happy as a clam, clapping and splashing, splashing and clapping.

It was funny, he didn't need any toys, he just sat there, splashing, and having so much fun doing so, that he'd clap for himself because he was so excited.

Well, and he was enjoying watch Daddy get the grill ready for supper. Sam really loved his summer surprise.

He almost crawled around in the pool once, but decided not too, much better to just sit and soak...I have to agree.


Melissa A. said...

I see that Mommy got a little pool action too! The boys' summer surprise looks like fun - we need to get something like that too! :)