Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Growing Crazy


To Start, Check Out the insanity that is growing on my windowsill!

These are flowers and whatnot from this spring. Chris's 3 soybeans have gone absolutely bonkers, they are wrapping themselves around my aloe plant, that I inherited when a friend moved to Ohio which I've tried to kill a couple times nevertheless, it keeps coming back. And then there's the 'flowers' that Chris brought home, still don't know what they are yet. And hopefully, we're growing a tree. Trees seem to take a bit. But the insanity indoors just matches up to the insanity outdoors!

Every year I try to make a sojourn to Cox's, Flower shopping for the spring season. I haven't been since Sam :( A couple years ago, I was moved to buy a Dark Purple Iris...to add to my Iris Garden, I inherited a bunch of light purples ones from my Grandma/Mom. But, this Beast of a Flower was so dark, I just knew Eric would love it, I get the impression my lavender irises are a little girly for him. This was a Manly Flower, I thought. So I planted it, Near my irises. And for the last 2 years, that 1 strong flower has bloomed a beautiful dark purple. Made me happy. And then this year it went Bonkers.

See how there are dark irises interspersed amongst my light ones? How did that happen? An exercise in Pollination working. Silly Science. Gonna have to separate these crazy breeders. The most fun I had today was going on a Flower Walk with Chris. Chris was desperate to go out and do some gardening this evening.

So we got him all bedecked in his "Dlubbs", his gloves, his "Dardin Dlubbs", a new aquisition while shopping with Daddy at Lowe's this weekend. Oh yes, a little excited. He's asked me every day since Saturday, maybe more often, even in the rain, to go outside and Garden...in his Gloves. And his favorite part of the day today? Spreading mulch with Daddy this evening.

He was having a great time, traipsing around stomping much, using a spade, or Big Scooper, and wearing his gloves, while Daddy poured giant bags of mulch with his gloves. They only were out for 10-15 minutes, between rains, and it was Suppertime. When Chris realized he wasn't going to get to go out and spread more mulch after supper, he had the Biggest Meltdown.

Guess my Boy is developing his Green Thumb. ;)


Rachel said...

Wonderful! When we (finally...someday...eventually) move into a space where I can have a garden...wanna teach me how?? :)

SuperSillyAunt said...

Very cute! I don't bother with gloves myself. I just let the dirt build up under my nails...not very ladylike, I know. I never said I was a "lady."

Cathy said...

Depending on the task, I may wear gloves, but when dealing with anything that may scratch, ie roses, pokey weeds, or bark, I insist on them. My Boys are too allergic to nature not to have their hands protected a bit. If Eric gets scratched, it gets red and itchy...sometimes me too, Chris is kind of doomed.