Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's the Hats


Today was Christopher's Field Day at Developmental Preschool. So, Sam and I crashed the party. If I wasn't so tired, and sore, I'd probably post a few more pictures, and go into more detail. It was actually quite transforming to see how Chris interacted with these kids, there were many different levels of disability, for it was all the kids in the morning developmental preschool program, and he was doing so great, It was Fun! I was so blessed to be there, to see him interact, and to be able to be a Mom that attended, there weren't many Moms hanging around, I was so lucky.

Don't know if I mention this very often, but I am so Blessed by these boys.

Got them some new sunhats this week, good thing too, it's been so hot and sunny, they need them! They are going to be a lot of fun this summer!