Sunday, May 16, 2010

Manly Man things


I'll let Eric tell you all about his latest project, but let's just say he got a wild hair today to rip out the Master Bathtub. I shouldn't say Wild Hair, but all of a sudden he says, I want to work on the bathroom, disappears, and comes back later telling me he's gotta go to Lowe's. No project begins without a trip to Lowe's in the first 2 hours. ;)
So the boys all went together. It was very Manly. To Continue their Manliness, Chris really wants to "Help" Daddy in any way he can. So when it came time to make lunch (late lunch after church, almost a supper) Chris wanted to hop on the bandwagon. So he "Helped" Daddy.

Daddy let him help prep by rinsing the asparagus he was grilling, and help set the table. Chris ate very well, he said it was because he helped make it. Guess my boys are going to be doing more cooking!