Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Little Things


I was driving home this evening, Sam playing happily with a water bottle in the back seat, and all was quiet on the midwestern front. I began to toy with how I was going to express how wonderful today has been. I just felt so wonderfully Blessed, for the day's events, which seemed to just pile on top of eachother, adding happiness upon happiness, such that I was so smiley I probably annoyed people around me, and mostly for husbands, who are wonderful as to let wives go out and play with their girlfriends, and willing to watch crazy kids multiple nights in a week so girlfriends can bond. I got teary eyed thinking off all the wonderful things.
So as is Easiest, I decided to make a list of today's fun and festivity.
1. I got to spend Quality Time with my best friend today. She came to my Jewelry Party earlier this week, and then was able to bring her girls over to play and hang out with us today, to celebrate Last Day of school, and to surprise Chris.
2. We watched our kids play together, and they were being extra precious. Sam was in a great mood, even when he was attacking (the cat) or being attacked (hair pulling by girlfriends) he still managed his normal adorable sweetness, which made for a Happy Mommy. I'm about 90% sure I felt a molar in his mouth today!
3. Dunkin Donuts - The youngest boy ate 2 3/4 Munchkins, I had to cut him off, because he'd already eaten one meal, and it was supposed to just be a wee snack while we waited for big brother to go to lunch...but Sam LUVS him some donut holes.
4. Chai Tea - Did you know Dunkin Donuts makes a mean Chai Tea? Yah.
5. LAST DAY OF SCHOOL (for Chris!) I don't know if it's sunk in yet, but he must've had a good day, he was in a great mood when he came home, and he was so thrilled his own best friend was here when he got off the bus, he barely remembered to say Goodbye.
6. McD's play area. Kids play, Mommies and Babies play and eat.
7. 5 children napping ALL AT THE SAME TIME all over our house, allowing for Mommies to have a whole hour of quiet conversation.
8. I got a haircut... see below. I had gotten a coupon in the mail for a free haircut, and yesterday Chris told me my hair "looked like a hat...a hat like those football guys wear." OK, that was it, I was jealous enough of his nicely shorn head, so now I'm going a'choppin! So I told the gal, something summery, something light. It is both, it's layered, which is a look I haven't had in a decade, and even then they were Very Subtle. These aren't, some of these hairs haven't been this short since 3rd grade, other's have been for Locks of Love, but I'm sorry I was too hot, too tired, and impatient to wait another 6-12 months to reach locks of love length. Though see the picture....I think I still had plenty of hair, I could've covered a cat, maybe 2 with the lengths chopped.

9. Crack-laced Garlic Cheese Bread! We all met up at Monical's for dinner to celebrate last day of school, and summer, and end of the soccer season...and well, lots of other things that seemed good to celebrate.

10. E took Chris shopping on the way home (allowing for my contemplative drive home) to go Tub Shopping to replace the tub in this old house Eric ripped out last weekend...and they found one they think Momma is going to like. Hooray!


Melissa A. said...
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Melissa A. said...

What an amazing and wonderful day! My kiddos adore munchkins from Dunkin Donuts, and every time we pass by, they ask to go there. Your hair looks great! Perfect 'do for summer, for sure. I'm juuuuuust about to that point too...

Carla S said...

Really cute haircut! It really flatters your face!