Monday, May 31, 2010

You know you're loved when...


When you have A Rough Day:
We had to lose a friend, our cat, Angel.
During the course of fixing our master bathroom tub, Eric knicked a copper supply pipe causing a leak, resulting in the shutoff of water to our house.

Now the Up Side:
A Cookout at Grandma's house (E's parents)
which led to a Slumber Party for some happy boys

True Friends who come out aid when the water is leaking, postponing their own plans to check up on us.
True Friends who make a house call and help euthanize a beloved old cat, and then clean with me, so I am too busy to be sad.

And don't get me started about how wonderful the Fam has been taking us all in on the spur of the moment....

Parting of the clouds, just long enough for some swinging in the sunshine.

And lots of giggles.

That turns the whole day around. That sound makes my day.
Thank you God, I am so Blessed, how Lucky I am to be so Loved.