Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Capes and Cousins


Ever since we borrowed my neice Annie for a couple days while her Mom had baby Charlotte, Chris has been BUGGING me to see Annie. Today I obliged. We met The Girls(Love saying that!) at a nearby church, which has an indoor park. Too hot outside for wee babies.

It was the first chance the boys had gotten to meet baby Charlie. Chris was so sweet. First he admired how tiny she was, her sweet hair, then he says, "Her Head is SO SMALL!" And he gave her a sweet smoochie on the cheek.

Sam really could've cared less. He was more interested in playing or getting a steady stream of food. You see that the only way I could get him to come near Charlie was to bribe him with a banana cookie. Sad state of affairs.

However, he didn't have to be talked into going and playing with the big kids. He chased balls all around the room. Chris on the other hand, climbed everything in sight. Can't wait until they can all play on the same equipment at the same time.

At one point, a young girl came in wearing a tablecloth cape, and Chris was so interested in her. But what pushed him over the edge was when he saw a pair of brothers with awesome red satin capes with black spiders on them, well, he couldn't take that. Aunt Lisa lent him a receiving blanket. The Ghetto Cape. Luckily, he was perfectly happy with it, and obviously it helped him climb, and fight, and do whatever it is that superheroes taking on a playground do.

After only 2 hours, including lunch, the kids were Done. But they had a great time playing together. These cousins are So Cute together!