Monday, May 17, 2010

An Old Friend


If they say the internet doesn't bring people closer together, they lie. FB helped me find a "lost" friend. We have been friends as far back as I can remember...only I couldn't remember not being friends with Amy. I was maybe 4, and she was 2 1/2 when our Moms became friends. Now I can remember our mom's being very "boring" and sitting and talking for hours, while we played and watched movies, and played some more. We'd play until we dropped. Amy's convinced our Mom's were drinking. Little did I know just how much fun that 'boring' time can be!
Cross country moves, different schools, we would lose touch for a few years and come back. And we'd pick right up where we left off. We made it to each other's weddings, then lost touch know how it goes. I hadn't seen or heard from her in about 5 years. And she found me on Facebook.
We've been striving to not let that happen again, so she came over to play and it was two girls yapping and laughing. And it was like Old Times. We start talking, and it's like we're preteens all over again.
Except this time, instead of my twerpy little sister interrupting, it's my Boys.

And she loves My Boys...and they love her. I can't get enough of my friends loving my Boys. Makes me smile.


Carla S said...

I'm amazed at the people that I have reconnected with on Facebook, too. Reading your post made me remember seeing you randomly at a Butler game a few years back. Those were the types of "reunions" that were typical before facebook. Now it's almost like you see the day to day of everyone based on their posts on Facebook and their blogs.