Thursday, May 6, 2010

A day of Sweet Girls

A Thursday Thirteen of little girl pictures.

The last 24 hours have been pretty interesting, I learned a few things about my neice. She loves French Fries. I drove through McDonald's, and didn't share immediately, because I couldn't reach her, Chris insists Annie sits in the way back with him. I spent the next 10 minutes listening to "Fries.Fries.Fries.Fries...." With every Exhale of breath, there was a whine for fries. Good. Grief.
And she loves animals. Dogs are Woofs. Cats are Shs's. And All Birds are Cock-a-doos--even the rubber duckies in the bathtub, which she made sure every available rubber ducky went in the tub at bathtime. Having 3 ages 4 and under around the house is a little crazy....but so much Fun!

The minute Annie got out of bed this morning, she and Sam attacked the fridge. I'm finding little alphabet fridge magnets ALL over the House!

The three of them played contentedly (on the fridge) or ran around hysterically. This was about the only moment all three of them were even remotely still.

But Boy Howdy, do these cousins Adore each other! Chris woke up in the best mood because Annie was here. Sam can't keep up with them, but he tries, but usually by the time he makes it into a room with them, they've moved on. His best bet was chilling in Chris's room, because they often ended up back there. Annie had the Mother of All Meltdowns in the car when I sent the boys to gymnastics together while Annie and I went to her house to meet her baby sister.

She walked in and took a look at her semi-sleeping sister, and said, "Sam?" No, we corrected her, it's your Sissy. She kept calling her Sissy Sam, and just wanted to pet her.

Where in the world did she get all that hair? I had blondish hair, Lisa was pretty bald, Annie had a decent amount, but Charlotte has a Lot!

Of course, Annie can't resist petting her Sissy. Then again, I couldn't resist touching that headfull of soft tufts either.

Aunt Cathy and Charlotte! Both of us share the same initials: CMW!

My sister told me to lean in for a smooch, I swear when I touched her nose, she leapt up to give me a kiss too. Smart little girl, knows who loves her...or maybe she just thought she was going to get something out of me.

Baby Monkey Toes! Yes. I took off her sock, bothered a sleeping baby, just so I could check out her toes. This Girl is All Legs! Granted they are all bundled up, and her foot hasn't straightened out, but once they do, she's going to have seriously long monkey toes.

Pretty puss...reminds me of Sam. Probably because Sam looks like Lisa, and Charlotte is OF Lisa, but Charlotte has her Daddy's (and big sister's) nose and mouth.

Baby Tonsils!!!

Mama gives a wee bitty smoochie.

Annie couldn't get enough smoochies of baby sister. They were so beautiful together.

Happy Family of 4!

Love me some Sweet Baby Girls!


Carla S said...

So jealous that you get to "smoosh" on a wee one! She's so pretty! Tell your sister and your entire family congrats!

SuperSillyAunt said...

What beautiful girls! It's a good thing they have a big strong daddy and two older boy cousins to protect them from all the boys that will be chasing them:)