Saturday, May 8, 2010

Girly Girl


OK, you all know I'm a girly girl. I can handle girls, I like doing Girly things, shopping girly, nails, doing lunch, being girly. The last 3 days borrowing my neice Annie have been Great. Crazy but Great. I can do a little girl. God giggles and sends me sons. But then he gives me a few days with a little girl to dress and comb her hair. Yes, Annie let me comb her hair. Apparently, that's a rarity at her house. On Lisa mentioning in passing that Annie's bangs were annoying her, I went ahead and took Annie for a haircut at Cookie Cutters.
Wow, was she thrilled they had a slide! She really could've cared less for the haircut part of things, she thought the place was heaven because it had a slide. This girl goes batty for all slides.

The Before shot:

The During. She was not too down with the getting her haircut either.

But boy howdy, once she got down from the chair, and I let her slide while they prepped a balloon for her. I enjoyed playing with her hair, taking her out for a girly date (with a couple boys). Goodness knows the boys have loved having her around. I even got her some adorable bows, for her hair, which she wore an entire 15 minutes until she realized something was in her hair, and from then on every time she yanked it out. She was a hoot. Oh my, she was in 7th heaven wherever there was a slide. It was tricky getting Chris and Annie out of there. Luckily, our timing was so perfect I hadn't even needed to put Sam down, we walked in, got a haircut, left, there was no waiting. Chris just played happily. And they got balloons out of it. Though it was so Windy, Sam's blew away while I was unbuckling him when we met friends for lunch at Chick fil-A. Another heavenly thing for Annie, she had french fries, a couple nuggets, and then we let her play her heart out. Both kids got Cliff Hanger books (from Between the Lions!) and as soon as we got in the car, they commenced to reading and while I could understand Chris reciting the songs from the show/story on the way home, Annie just read to herself incoherently. It was so STINKY Cute. Had to take a picture!

And then I had to give her back. :( To her Mommy. And Daddy, and Baby Sissy. Chris is Very Bummed about this, at least three times tonight he's referred gently to "When Annie Comes Back....". And while I'm sure it will be nice to once again allow the dog to roam around the bedroom at night, and not be afraid a flushing toilet will wake a little girl, I'll miss her. I miss her already.


Carrie said...

Don't give up on having your own girl yet! I'm glad you got to have fun with your niece though :)