Saturday, May 22, 2010

Play Day


Today was a fairly quiet day, we only had one thing on the docket, our big MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) end of the year party. We opted for a cookout/pitch-in, so of course, the Grub was Good!

They had set up a painting station for the kids to paint little pots, and they were going to fill them up with dirt (only so many painted the Insides, adding dirt would've been unwise). The girls loved it, having a fine time painting, jumping on that bandwagon. Now the boy in particular had to be really coerced.

I kept asking, Don't you want to go paint? Don't you want to make a pot? It was when I asked Chris "Don't you want a little pot?" That's when Eric laughed at me, and told me that was the one and only time I'd get to ask Chris THAT question. Somehow after that discussion, THEN Chris wanted to go paint a pot.

He didn't like getting messy, and as the girls had gotten crazy with the paint, I think he got more on his hands than on the pot. He didn't do much painting, he wanted to play on the playground with his friends. Then one friend brought a bocci ball set, and some other outdoor games, that was a pretty big hit with the kids too.

This crew didn't quite get to do all the playing, but Sam really enjoyed his lunch of Cheeseburger and snickerdoodle...good thing he was in a stroller, he left quite a mess underneath. I think he tends to drop things for Fina...even when Fina is nowhere in sight. What cracked us up was that though this 'generation' of kiddoes is not too mobile this year, by next year our MOPS group is going to have their hands full with these Toddlers.

Chris wasn't too into much other than playing on the playground. Once there, he didn't want to leave, so Typical. And would let Margaret push him on the swing All Day Long. And what's really sweet, she probably would have.

Two Sweetboys calling it a least calling it Naptime.


Melissa A. said...

Looks like a fun day! I love the last pic. The boys look so cute together! :)

Carla S said...

"Don't you want a little pot?" LOL! Yes, I agree that should be the only time that you ask that question and want Chris to say yes. Hee hee.

Seriously, that just made my morning!