Wednesday, February 2, 2011


They predicted lots of ice and snow. Well, we've gotten a nice mix of both. We got a base coat Monday night into yesterday of about 1/2 inch of ice. Now we're Iced in, and last night we got a good 2 inches of snow/ice combination covering everything, and the way it came down, it's like it's drifted into ice hills. This morning we've gotten a slight dusting on top, so you really can't tell if it's snow or ice where you step.

Good bet it's Ice.

Chris and I ventured out for a 'garden walk', you know, where I just go around and take pictures.

Yeah, I was sliding all over the front yard, there was No Way, I was going in back. Even the kids had trouble.

As dangerous as it is, at least it's Pretty. These were snowflakes trapped in layers of ice on our mailbox...incidently also iced shut.

Poor Fina, first thing this morning, she just skidded right down this side of our backyard, worse than this video. The later, she literally got stuck in peepee position as she slid down to the willow out back. Then this, where she didn't even want to pee at all. Poor flews.