Sunday, February 13, 2011

Joy of Love, Day 13

Today's Joy of Love theme was Routines. I would've captured the boys having breakfast, in fact I tried, but Chris was just too fast at eating his waffle. Fina on the other hand, well, she did, what she always does, and the sun was shining right on her, making her look so pretty. Even her little old flews, and her gray hairs were shining in the sun.

Boxer routines. Begging for Breakfast.

Subtle as a train wreck.

Poor Fina, she didn't get any waffles.


Amy said...

I love the way the light is hitting his face in the first picture. Cute.

Cathy said...

Thanks! Me too, I'm not usually down on the floor with her, and the sun hasn't been shining much lately, it really was Fun!

Elizabeth said...

Those turned out great!

Brownie said...

I like those!

Stephanie B said...

Love me some Boxers! The last shot is SO precious... and totally a Boxer face! Nice work.