Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Yesterday was a Wonderful Valentine's Day for us. We got Daddy home for Three Whole Meals in one day, since he had to work from home because his car wasn't working and was still in the shop. We had a great relaxing morning together, which was Bonus Quality time since we thought Eric was going to have to go to work all day, and a meeting in the evening. But instead we got to be with each other, and that's the Best kind of Valentine's Day.

Here's our Top 10 photos, minus the happy hands picture I already posted.

1. Brunch. In honor of V-day, I made Pink Hot Mochas (which was just regular cocoa mix, instant coffee, and red food coloring in my Cocoa-Latte maker) and heart shaped honey flakey biscuits. In our family it's a holiday if there are Honey Flakey biscuits.

2. Sam agrees that Biscuits are the Best!

3. Chris gives us a Hug. He "LOVES YOU THIS MUCH!"

4. Daddy and Chris opened his card, which Chris loves the peanuts gang, and he thought saying Blueberry Bulldog Beer was pretty funny too.

5. Since Daddy was home, Chris stayed home watching cartoons (his idea of Good Times) while Sam and I got a little one on one time at the Library. We crashed their Valentine's Day program, so Sam got to get Crafty making his own Valentine, with a glue stick, and glittery rhinestones, and Paint Pens.

6. Sam LOVES the paint pens. He really enjoys getting artsy, and I enjoyed just letting him.

7. Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like a small child with a heart shaped cherry lollipop and candy drool dripping down their chin.

8. How can I resist this!?! Lollipop kiddie kisses are my new favorites, even exceeding Peanut Butter kiddie kisses.

9. Sam and Chris survey their Haul.

10. The boys almost come to words, 'discussing' custody of chocolates and lollipops.

What a Haul, What a Day! How Blessed I am, I got to spend the day with my three special Valentines!