Friday, February 4, 2011

Joy of Love, Day 4

Today's assignment was to focus was "What they Wear." Here you see a boy in his Buzz Lightyear pajamas, determined to go outside, so much so that he puts his boots on the wrong feet, pretty standard for my boy.

It was Time to Get Out.

We have been home with the boys since Monday afternoon. I escaped to Book Club last night, but thought today would be a perfect day to venture forth to the Children's Museum. Alas, Christopher disagreed. He didn't want to get dressed. My children having been living in their jammies for the last four days. (Granted, I do Change the jammies, but they are still jammies.) 4 days.

So I told him, he had a choice, get dressed and go to the Museum, or stay home. He chose stay home. Ugh. I was commiserating with my girlfriend Kathleen, and she said, Eh, come to our house, we're still in our jammies, you might as well stay in yours. Hmm...2 birds. Let's Go! So Chris put his boots on Over his pajama bottoms and off we went to Emily's house. He was thrilled, I was thrilled. Friends. Food. And it was Good.


Unknown said...

i love this picture. so much. :)