Friday, February 18, 2011

Joy of Love, Day 17

Yesterday's theme was "Staying In" and I'm supposed to be in the picture. Only I had a little Trouble. There was a Problem, I didn't WANT to stay in yesterday. I was desperate to get out. We ended up at Preschool, Starbucks, back to school, Chick Fil-A, home briefly so Sam could nap, then up again to go hide (we ended up taking the dog and kids to the park) while the house was being shown, then I dropped the kids off, and went on a mom's night out. I was not Staying In.

I tried a self portrait, during the bit of time we all stayed in, having massive Tickle Fights. But too much movement.

Oh well. Worse problems to have than too much movement during a tickle fight. :)

These Feet want to go outside. See the ice is melting? These feet are happy to enjoy the weather in the 50s. But I want 60s or 70. I want to have a pretty pedicure (which as you can see I'm in desperate need of), get in some sandals and enjoy the outdoors. Come on Spring, Go Spring!


Unknown said...

yesssssssssssss to spring. cannot come fast enough. makes my heart sing and dance. delightful.