Monday, February 21, 2011


Funny how Es-Ca-Pe looks just like Escape.

And what an Escape we had. My friend Kathleen and I ran away for a full 24 hours, down to the outlet mall down in Edinburg. We stayed in the Comfort Inn, which though they had a pool, it was Cold. Still took pressure off the achy joints.

Jeez I'm old.

Our room was an oasis of calm. Nothing fancy, just Quiet. And it was so nice.

We stayed entirely too late watching a biography on the Kennedy family, and chatting, painting our toenails and drinking Mike's Hard beverages. I think we may have finally gotten caught up on the last few months of each other's lives. ;)

We scoped out a couple of our favorite stores Saturday night, and finished our trip Sunday morning. Had a wonderful Brunch at Ruby Tuesday's, we ate enough to qualify for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner! We joked about worshipping at our lady of Edinburg, shopping instead of going to church, but we spent more time being Thankful and Praising the Lord that our families were healthy enough we could run away, and Generous enough to let us do so, than I probably do on a regular Sunday. We really were so blessed to get away for a bit. It was So Needed.

We checked everything off our lists, picking up 'necesities' and only a few frivolities. I took my camera everywhere, though I don't really know why. And we shopped until sunset.

And it was Good.