Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hypothetical Joy of Love, Day 20

Now, ironically, tomorrow's title is rumored be When They're Home. Lately, if Eric's home, I'm Not. Especially tomorrow! My friend Kathleen and I are running away for a shopping spree, leaving tonight, and we're gonna be gone All Night and All Day. A full 24 hours child free. It's been a while for both of us. I may take my camera...I may not.

In the mean time, when my Loved ones are home...they Play. Eric plays with the boys. He gets on the ground, and wrestles, and he plays spiderman, and tackles, and tickle fights, and all that great stuff. Hearing him play with the boys, and their laughter is my favorite sound on earth.

He was home for a couple minutes this morning, and I captured him playing Play Doh with the boys; A fresh pack of Playdoh, just opened. So they'll probably want to do that again tomorrow when I'm gone. And just like this morning, I expect they'll have a great time!

As will I. ;)