Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Joy of Love, Day 9

Today's assignment was our loved one's Passions or Hobbies.

The House

Not at all surprising, that Eric's focus has been on building our dream house. He would have done it all, if he could have, or if he had the time. Above is my favorite picture, Chris doing an imitaion of Daddy, while he gets all animated and excited during a housetour, when the framing was just finished. It took a lot of imagination to 'see' what was going to be there. But he's doing a lot of the work himself.

I popped by there yesterday for a new round of photos.

It looks so lovely in the snow, and Eric finally finished the HVAC so it looks so pretty down in the basement, no more metal sheeting on the floor, look on the ceiling at that pretty trunk line.

And this past weekend, with the plumbers almost done, and Eric started electrical work by hanging up most of the electrical boxes. He even got some canister light bases mounted in the kitchen. Love the pretty pex pipe for plumbing, the canisters, and electrical's almost looking like a real room! If you see a flick of blue, there's an electrical box. Eric mounted them every 5 feet or so, to a total of almost 300 last weekend.

**Started this on the evening of the 9th, but photos were giving me trouble until the morning of the 10th.