Thursday, February 17, 2011

Getting OUT

Picture it: 55 degrees. The last of the snow is melting. For some reason the kids are Bouncing off the Walls. They weren't this crazy when we were iced in for a week, but now that it's warming up, the crazy is coming out.

So I took them to the Park when we had a house showing today. Little windy, but otherwise perfect weather for it. So we went to Blastoff Park.

The boys sure did want to Blast Off! Off they went playing and having a great time!

Chris loves Swing Time!

Though a little apprehensive at first, Sam eventually loved swing time too.

Sam Slides.

And Chris just bounces. It amazes me how well his balance has improved since beginning gymnastics, he would have hated to do one of these tightrope things before. Now he was bouncing on it, and walking and climbing all over everything. He was annoyed when I would make him stop moving so I could take his picture.

My Beautiful Boys.