Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Gift of 'Salt'

I called Eric this afternoon to ask him a question, and comment on our house showing data. They hated it because of the laundry located in the basement, the master bedroom being in the front of the house, and the slope in the backyard. Ironically they are the only things we dislike about this home too, and why we're selling, but luckily all things we can't really Change for Showings. Hooray?!

As I'm talking to Eric, it sounds like he's driving, at 1:30 in the afternoon. Where are You? I ask him.
"I'm running an errand....For you Valentine's Day Present". Oh, during your lunch break? That's weird. "They have it, and they are holding it for me, it's the Last." Of course I'm intrigued, but what could he possibly get for me that would be 'The Last' in town? Obviously it's a bag of salt. And I clearly tell him so. He laughs. But seriously folks, with all the ice around here, Everyone is out of bags of Salt.

Salt is a Very Valuable commodity.

And it would mean he's planning on chipping us out, and clearing the sidewalk, also a Wonderful Gift, easily and willingly accepted for Valentines' Day! As we continue talking, joking about his mission to get the 'bag of salt'. How he has to drive all the way to Broad Ripple, which isn't on the way to anything, Clearly, because Broad Ripple would be the only place in town that still has 'salt'. He tells me he may have to cancel bell choir this evening, because his music hasn't arrived. I mention that since he'll be at the house and having meetings this weekend, he should take me out on a date. He makes a comment that he's worried that the 'bag of salt' isn't going to fit in his car. Well, that clinches it, now I Know it's a Bag of Salt, because really the mess his car is in, with house pieces and parts, there's no doubt there's no room for even a bag of salt! And it didn't fit.

Well, wouldn't you know, he called later, and cancelled Bell Choir, and took me on a hot date, a very nice Early Valentine's Date. We hadn't had a date in a while. The boys were to excited to go play at Grandma's, and I drive us to Broad Ripple, Eric directing the way, and where does he take me?


Oh the romance. I didn't even know Glendale had a Lowe's?! But it did. I'm thinking, he really is going to get me Salt! He says it's something for the new house, and he goes inside, when he comes out, he and another guy are wheeling this:

An Electric Fireplace with a Mantle. So Cool! Or rather, so Warm! On a 13 degree day, a fireplace is exactly what I needed. But it's such a Me thing, because Eric didn't really want a fireplace in the new house, but I want one, so he bought me one that makes heat, but no muss, no fuss. However, it wouldn't fit in the minivan, so it will be delivered some other day, to the new house of course. Oh well, bummer.

So we went and drowned our 'sorrows' in sushi at Naked Tchopsticks, a place in Broadripple for dinner, and it was Good! What a great night, and much better than a bag of salt!


Unknown said...

this post made me laugh. it is kind of interesting that i feel like i know you better and interact with you more through your blog than in real life even though we are related...partly due to the fact that eric is enough older that we weren't the hanging out kind of cousins...partly cause i lived in a different state for a while and missed out on holidays. so it's fun to get a different perspective on you and eric beyond the cousin tag. does that make sense?

Cathy said...

Yes it does. It's hard to spend much quality time with any one person at massive famfests, when there are so many of us.