Monday, February 28, 2011

February in Review

I should call this Falling off the wagon.

1. Read the Bible. I have been reading, but instead of 3-4 chapters a day, I've been only getting through about 1, putting me at about halfway through Numbers instead of at the beginning of Deuteronomy. I read 4 yesterday, so I'm gearing up to get caught up. Time to get serious again.

2. Go back to choir. Due to weather and illness, both the choir director's and my own mental, (I only practice with the choir on Sundays, and I took one off to go shopping, which was Needed) I didn't sing with the choir until yesterday for the first time this month. Blessedly, it was a great song, but we peaked during rehearsal, which was powerful, it brought me and the director, and a couple others to tears. I think I blew my voice during that, because we just didn't get to that same level when performing during the Service. Gotta redo that, so we don't peak too soon. Oh well, at least I'm sort of getting back in the groove.

3. Join a Gym - While TECHNICALLY I have already joined the gym, the only participation I've done is the Yoga class. I was doing some Wii Fit at home during January, but that fell by the wayside. Last week, I wanted to spend the evening with my husband who wanted to cook dinner instead of leaving. It's like by Wednesday he realizes he hasn't been home all week, and wants to have dinner with us, and the boys and I are out the door. We'll probably get the new routine down just about the same time the house is done.

4. Take a Photography Class- HOORAY PROGRESS! I signed up for this Joy of Love class free online class and Loved it. I've been taking some photos on Manual, mostly of my boyz, and it's been fun. This one was my favorite.

Our four hands together on Valentine's Day.

5. Get Boys Healthy - Not doing so well here either. Sam is due to get a repeat swallow study here in the next month or two, he's just in limbo, and really he seems to be doing ok. He's been picking up brother's anger behaviors like throwing things when he's angry. He goes into Time out a lot easier, and doesn't hold the grudge. I'm tired of fighting with Chris. Just when I think he's responding well to doing 'Breaks' instead of Timeouts, he goes and has an hour long meltdown about getting dressed like this morning. It's like he just doesn't know how to deal with his emotions, and it all kind of explodes in Anger. I've made a lot of phone calls. I have contacted his Developmental Preschool. I've put in a call to get him seen and tested to see if Hearing Aids might help, the doctors were to fax referral paperwork today. I've made an appointment for next month with Developmental Pediatrics. We have one tomorrow with Child Psych. I have an email for a Play Therapist, recommended to me, but I haven't decided if I want to call her yet. I don't know if any of these people Can Help, but I need help. I am not succeeding alone. I have to do something.

Next month should be, no wait Will Be better.