Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Joy of Love, Day 23

Facebook Attack.
We are supposed to put the camera down today. How refreshing. And we're supposed to go through old photos and/or stalk our loved one's profile pics, even the icky ones, just to find Joy in the Cuteness. So I did.

Eric's current facebook profile picture is This:

It's his Father's Day picture from last summer (June 2010) of him and the boys (Chris 4 1/2 and Sam 15 months). I try to take one every year on Father's Day. This was particularly adorable and poignant, and got me thinking of when Chris fit into that exact same Spring 2007 when Chris was 17 months old and the cross country trip we took that spring. I never did get around to doing a Top 10 of the pictures from that trip (that was A. Before this blog, and B. before I started doing pictures in the updates on Chris's blog, his had a separate folder for pics.). Frankly, there are just too many to do any kind of top ten any justice. So in honor of being set off by the Outfit, I'll do a Top Ten of Chris wearing the same outfit as Sam wore in Eric's facebook photo.

Over the period of 2 1/2 weeks that we traveled, we went from IN to IL, to NB, to SD, to WY, through ID, to UT, to AZ, to NM, to TX, to OK, to MO, to IL and IN. We only packed like 4 outfits each so it was a lot of wear.

So, here goes:

1. Country Baby - Chris and Daddy check out the Covered Wagon at a genuine cowboy cookout in western Nebraska.

2. Chris rides the wagon on the Oregon Trail. In the corner, above all the grass is the base of Chimney Rock.

3. Chris at Mount Rushmore. The 5th President. :)

4. Our family at Mount Rushmore, South Dakota.

5. Daddy and Chris in Salt Lake City, Utah.

6. Mommy and Chris at the Great Salt Lake.

7. Daddy and Chris take a walk through the Petrified Forest in Arizona . Check out those giant logs!

8. This pic was what got me going today; we were stopped at an old pueblo in the Arizona sunshine, and I can't help but wonder why they didn't call this big sky country.

9. Chris wants to get as close as he can to the viewing window at the top of the St. Louis Arch in St. Louis, Missouri.

10. A boy and an Arch. The Last Day.


SuperSillyAunt said...

What a great family trip! One thing I noticed was how Christopher still has the same facial expressions now that he did back then. Of course he's added several new ones, but these are the 'classics!'