Friday, February 18, 2011

Joy of Love, Day 18

Today's theme for our Joy of Love class was Going Out. Now, unfortunately, my booboosweetie is unavailable as a Hot Date, for probably the next 6 weeks or so, until he finishes the House. I got him for some time last weekend, though he was still working on stuff, it was for the home we're currently living in, and we got to SEE him.
And as I mentioned yesterday, Mommy has been a Woman on the Edge, and wanting, no, Needing to get out of house, so Yesterday began the beginning of Mommy taking back her Sanity time.

My friend Melissa and I started at Starbucks with Raspberry White Mochas during Preschool yesterday morning. And they were Venti! "Go Big or Go Home!"

And from there, last night, I had Mom's Night Out at Applebee's, drowning my sorrows in their Triple Chocolate Meltdown, and tomorrow, Oh beautiful Tomorrow, my best friend and I are running away for an overnight trip to Edinburgh, the Outlet mall, for a Spring Shopping Extravaganza. Sans children. God bless my husband and my mother in law! So I'm really starting to enjoy "Going Out."