Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Joy of Love, Day 2

I'm doing this month long photography study on Loved ones, called The Joy of Love.

Today, our focus was 'How They Look'. We were to try to capture our loved ones doing something true to form, she even used the phrase, something that SCREAMS my loved one.

Well, this is Chris at mealtime. Yup, that's how he looks, when we make him take a bit of broccoli (or really any food he swears up and down he doesn't like before he even tries it).

Capture their essence. This is Chris watching cartoons while being Iced in, still in his jammies...of course his bat cape is hanging backward around his neck, as he chews his fingers mindlessly.

Don't know where he gets this. ;)

He's so beautiful when he's focusing on stomping on the snow and ice.

Hard to see, slightly smiling, he gives me one eyed pirate winky smile.

Love this boy.


Jennifer said...

These are awesome and the pirate winky face made me smile. :)