Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Joy of Love, Day 1

I started a month long photography class today, called the Joy of Love, at the recommendation of a friend of mine. It seemed appropriate, given February's focus on all things Love. This class is going to help me take better pictures with some minor tutorials and commentary.

Because I'm posting on the internet, in mass hysteria, I decided to give a watemark a try. Let me know what you think.

Day 1 Assignment, "What they Do"

I chose to show one pic I snapped this morning, with the boys doing what they do best, Chris and Sam were watching cartoons, while Daddy was working on the computer. This is what they DO while we're snowed/iced in.

And this one, well, that seems to be what Sam "Does" a lot lately in general.


Unknown said...

I love the watermark and should really do them for my pictures. Especially since one of my friends just got a friend request on facebook from someone using pictures from her blog. Where the watermarks time consuming?

Cathy said...

I used Picasa today, it was a lot faster than doing it through Adobe Photoshop. They are a bit time consuming, I wish there was just some sort of Instant Watermarking that would catch everything I upload. Sure there is or will be, for $$. But in the mean time, Picasa is Free.