Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Joy of Love, Day 16

Ah, the Mooshies and the Squooshies. This week we are surrounded by Love. It's only appropriate that today's Joy of Love lesson focus on Together. It was supposed to be a self-portrait.

Self portrait, of me and my love. I have a Tripod, at least I do technically own one, but it's in Storage until we move. So I set the camera up on the kitchen table, with the lens propped in place by a chip clip.

Aren't we sweet? I swear we didn't plan to be both sticking our tongues out the same side, that was just bonus, the order was 'Be Silly'. And can you even see my Bunny Ears?

More smoochies. It was hard not to giggle while holding a smooch.

I know, Gag, but I liked the smoochy picture so much I played with it a bit more.

My other LOVES.

Now, that's a Goofy self-portrait!

Someone is suspicious that the camera is being held above his head. But he was happy while we were done.


Elizabeth said...

Those are great pictures!

Kim said...

so fun! Looks like lots of love lives in your house.

Jennifer said...

These are so cute! Great captures with lots of love in them. Beautiful!

Cathy said...

Thanks guys, doing them really made me feel The Love for my sweetboys!