Thursday, February 24, 2011

Joy of Love, Day 24

Today's theme from The Joy of Love is Where? Where did we fall in Love?

Once upon a time, a couple crazy college kids would hang out in the evening, after marching band practice, after dinner into the wee small hours of the night. Every Night. Sometimes they would take a long walk through the Butler campus.

One of their favorite places to take a walk was the Butler Carrillon, it was a peaceful place, where they could escape, and just talk and talk, about everything. These friends started to become more than friends on the steps of this carrillon. Down the back of the carrillon they could skip down into the Butler Gardens. Or follow a path around the pond to the gardens. One day, the boy asked the girl to go on a date, Les Miserable was coming, and he wanted to take her. They held hands as they walked off again...into the sunset (though I think it was already dark outside).

A couple months later, as their love had grown, the couple was in the mood to be even more crazy. The first snow had fallen, and though they should have been doing their homework at 2 a.m., they decided to take a break and go find the sledding hill, and roll down it, as many a college kid are known to do. As they padded through the gardens that they thought they knew like the back of their hand, they got a little confused. They sat down on a bench, to just watch the quiet snow falling on the gardens at night, to gain their bearings, and just Enjoy It. A pre-engagement proposal, a Promise was made that snowy night, a ring was even given. We knew we wanted to be together forever.

2 years exactly after the boy had asked the girl out for the very first time, he took her to a fabulous anniversary dinner. Then he insisted on going for a walk. Never mind it was Cold. Never mind the girl was wearing heels, and was wearing a short sleeveless dress, and had no coat. An anniversary walk was Needed. And when he found the bench, and when they sat down again, he proposed.

I said yes, more rings were given, and we lived Happily Ever After.

So, it's Our Bench. Our Gardens. Our University. That's our Where.


Elizabeth said...

What a sweet, sweet story!

Carla S said...

Great photos and wonderful story! So glad you found your Butler Fairytale!