Sunday, November 2, 2014

Girl's Night Out

In October, a friend asked me if I could make Candy Corn hats.  She had twins, preemies, and they were still in hospital.  Of course, being early, they didn't have Halloween costumes, they were supposed to be born in November.  She asked for candy corn cocoons and hats for them.  We weren't sure if they were going to be still in hospital or not by Halloween.  They are. But they should be coming home on Monday.  Woohoo!

I had to wait a bit for her to post this picture of them from Halloween.  
But don't they look adorable!  Oh, and the crochet projects look good too.  


I liked the candy corn hats so much when I was looking online for recipes, I mean, patterns. 
I saw one that was a trick-or-treat bag.  It was a rectangle.  And I saw more than a few cute hats, much like what I made for the twins.  So I thought if I just went Bigger, than I could get a hat, and add a little handle to make it a bag.  So I gave it a try.   And I enjoy how it turned out! 

I finished this lovely bag this morning.  It's a hat, it's a Trick-or-Treat bag, it's BOTH!  
Now, I just finished one hat, and I love it so much, that I have to make another.  I think the kids each need one, don't you?  After all, what's right for one, is right for three.  

So that's the yarn project I packed with me, and Kathleen and I ran away for a Girl's Night Out.  She drove, and I crocheted.  I made a lot of progress, and we got fairly caught up in conversation.  It was a great break, before we even got to our destination!  Her brother Patrick was participating in a play in Brown County.  Huh, I didn't even know Nashville had a theatre, it's a little one, right on the main drag there.  So we got to go down and meet with the Star for a nice supper before showtime.   We ate at Out of the Ordinary Restaurant right across the street from the theatre.  I got a huge kick out of spending some uninterrupted quality time with my bestie and her brother.   We all have a lot in common, like wanting to periodically burst out in song when a good song comes on in the background radio.  It was Fun.  Patrick kept warning me that this play was not his traditional repertoire, it was a dark comedy.  Well, after seeing it, I agree, it was definitely on the Dark side.  It was called The Lonesome West about Western Ireland. And it was very handy that Patrick gave us a heads up to the best place in the house to sit.   Our friend Bohl met us at the theatre too.   It wasn't the sort of happily ever after sort of thing I think I'm used to in theatre.   Nor is it the sort of thing that he normally does.  In fact, we both thought it kind of odd that This was the first time I'd gotten to see him in anything. Normally he does very kid friendly stuff, musicals and comedies.  This wasn't.  It said it was a dark comedy, but it really wasn't.  There wasn't enough comedy to call it a dark comedy.  However, having the skill to go from one to the other easily is the mark of a good actor.  And he is!   I can honestly say, Patrick was the best thing about this show.  He had a great brogue.  I was worried I wouldn't be able to understand it, but I was happily surprised I could.  And actually, he was the only one to get a hint of a tear from me.   This small theater serves popcorn, and we can hear them serving it, or people crinkling their bags as they eat during the play.  So rude.  And of course, the reek of that fake buttery popcorn smell -ugh.  At least it didn't gag me, like when I was pregnant, but it was definitely a drawback of the facility.  We had stopped at a candy shop before the show, and got some samples.  I tried a dill pickle candy, sounds weird as all get out, but it was actually quite good.  So I quietly nursed my candy during the show, and made no crinkly paper noises! 

After the show, we waited around to chat with the star.  
I forgot to get myself in the picture.  Duh. 

Brother and Sister.  
Aww, you'd think they were related or something. :) 

In the background they were tearing the set down.  We even got invited by the cast to go do shots. 
Oh yes, in another day, I would have loved to stay and do shots.  But we had miles to go before we sleep.  We're just not young whippersnappers anymore.  But what a neat opportunity to get out, do something different, and see a show.  Of course, I loved being able to support my friend as he did a play. And even though it was an odd play, I can't wait until he comes around again.  It's so much easier than trying to pop up to Chicago to see him in something.  I'll go see him in whatever he does!