Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thoughtful Thursday


A lovely sunset on my way to Freezer Cooking Club meeting last Thursday.  

It's funny how well my friends know me.  I showed up to Freezer Cooking a bit late, everyone had already polished off their first glass of wine.  I hadn't announced that I was pregnant, because we really weren't 100% sure.  As soon as I walked in, E* started to pour me a drink. I looked and simply told her I can't.  I'm not drinking.   Now, one could construe that as a I sign I drink too much.  But no, our group drinks sweet wines.  Our favorite is Sparkling Pink Moscato. My favorite really.  I suppose it's standard for me to have one or two anytime there is a bottle in my presence. So E* knew how strange it was for me to say no.  I'm guessing that to her knowledge there has only been one other time in history that she's known me when I wasn't drinking....yup.  When I was pregnant.  I watched as that thought occurred to her.  We didn't exchange a word.  She looked at me questioning, surely not.  Oh yes! Next thing you know, we're shrieking, giggling, crying.  No words were spoken.  The other gals are like what, and when I said, I'm not drinking because I'm pregnant, there were hugs, and crying, and it was the best reaction I could have hoped for.  They get me.  Somehow saying we're expecting #3 out loud doesn't sound real.  It certainly doesn't sound like we've been battling Infertility.  It sounds like we be crazy.  And maybe so.  But we've been trying and praying and this is an answer to our prayers.  


Elizabeth said...

Seriously, I'm crying all over again just thinking about it! So, so happy!