Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fresh food out on the town


I must confess, I've been in a bit of a funk since my sister left.  True we talk every day, but I've gone from seeing her every week to not at all.  And Tuesdays are harder, because there for a couple months, she'd come over and play every Tuesday.  Now my Tuesdays are just me and Sam.  And Sam's got school.  I somehow manage to still keep pretty busy though.  Though this week, on Tuesday, I got Bonus Busy, and Blessed all in the process.

First we had a field trip with Sam's the Anderson Apple Orchard.  Just Sam and I (and his whole class).  

Turns out he's a Superchamp when it comes to getting into those trees and picking great big apples.  He picked great big green Crispins.  I hadn't tried them before, turns out they are pretty scrumptious!

Albeit, sometimes they were a little tough to get off the tree.  

That didn't stop us from filling a bag and sampling one or two. ;) 

Gotta take the annual picture by the giant apple sign.  

I'm proud to say Sam's as big of a fan of Apple Cider Slushees as Mommy is! 

I had received a note the weekend before, that Amy Pfanshmidt was going to be in the area, and since we didn't get to see her at Game Night, she wondered if we could meet for lunch.  She was craving Chipotle.  However, as soon as we pulled up Sam flipped out, he wanted Chick Fil-A.  So we caved and got him Chick Fil-A to eat while we ate our burritos.  At least he agreed to sit outside. 

 It was perfectly lovely weather for us to sit outside.  

The Dueling Amys!   Amy W. and Amy P.  

Somehow 2 hours passed without me noticing, it boggles the mind how easily that happens. I blame Amy W.  ;)  Sam was so good, letting us chat for so long.  It was good to catch up with my friends, we used to hook up around the old preschool schedule so often, this was a bit of a taste of old times.  A happy fix for me.  

Good times.  Good eats.  Good day!