Saturday, September 15, 2012

Clapping Mosquitoes

Wednesday night, the boys and I had the evening to ourselves, Daddy couldn't even make it home before his evening meeting.  That was ok, kept us pretty casual.  The weather was nice, and after dinner, Prinny wanted to go out, and it was so pretty I sat out on the stoop with her.  But as you can imagine, I was not alone for very long.  Never am.  But I didn't mind, the boys were in good moods, and they wanted to just sit and join me too.  Apparently, though three tasty treats were too much for the mosquitoes to resist.

They started coming after Sam first.  Chris recites, "You and Sam have sweet blood, but Daddy and I have spicy blood."  I started slapping at them when I could see one buzzing around me.  Next thing I know, I have two sweetboys just randomly clapping.  Theoretically, I'm sure, they were clapping at the mosquitoes, just like I had, but it looked more like rather agressive random clapping. 

Reminded me of this section from the original Parent Trap, when they talked Vicki into banging the sticks to keep the mountain lions away.  

But these sweetboys are a ton cuter.