Sunday, September 30, 2012



Eric stayed home on Tuesday to make phone calls and whatnot.  First, we called our insurance company.  They said we have a $1000 deductible.  Oy.  So then we called some reconstruction guys, who specialize in this sort of thing.  They came out 2 hours later.  The guy that came out had a moisture meter, and he walked, climbed, went all over the house beeping and cheeping all over the walls, floor, everything.  Then he chopped some more holes in the ceiling so he could get a look at our subfloor.  

He liked it.  He it was wet, but not ruined.  Same (Miraculously!) with our drywall.  So he put in a couple industrial air dryers, and said they'd need to blow for a couple days.  Upstairs, he said we had nothing to worry about.  Our waterproof layer on the floor protected it.  So the water only went through where there was no floor, under the shower pan, and directly under the tub, and found a hole in the fire alarm, so it mostly rained through there, so it didn't have to work hard to find any other places.  We had about 1/2 inch of water in the mudroom, and some leaked through the air vent, and that's what dripped downstairs.  Luckily (?) it seemed to have hit the plug strip first. That shorted out when wet, and shut down everything else, before it could get ruined.  Once dried, Eric replaced the plug strip, and bada bing bada boom, the internet came right back on!  Hot dog!  Once dried out, we could turn on the lights again too!  

We now have light, and laundry functioning in the bathroom, good for washing every towel in the house, which we had soaked to get all this done.  I was only without internet for about 18 hours, but without my computer and my facebook, I was twitching.  However, I did get a lot of the laundry done. ;) 

It's loud in here, but it's Drying!  We'll take it.  And all Eric will have to do is fix the small holes in the ceiling with drywall patches.  WHICH he already knows how to do, and is good at.  Happy Day.  Thank the Lord!