Monday, September 10, 2012

Many mushrooms


Such strange goings on going on around here.  We spent so much of the summer praying for rain, any kind of moisture, now suddenly we are struck with it.  2 inches of rain last weekend (while I was gone), and such humidity in the night to leave the ground sparkling with dew.

And Friday morning, I took a garden walk, because my yard was Crawling with Mushrooms!

All different kinds of weirdness.  

But my favorites were these 

I just wish I could tell you what they were.   Time for more research.


seestor said...

The white ones look like some type of mycena mushroom (the brown ones by them sort of puffball mushroom maybe?). The other white may be some type of coral mushroom, but those usually grow from wood than grass... Don't know about your favorites yet, still looking for those...