Friday, September 14, 2012

So Loved


Last Saturday, one of my friends from college had a baby shower.  We were all so excited about this Marriage last year, and now this baby is so loved, so wanted.  It warms my heart to see a baby so loved, so wanted, and so spoiled before they even get here.  Baby S. is gonna be one of those babies.   It sucks, a lot, when you're dealing with infertility issues to have lots of people around you get pregnant, bugs me even more when they don't seem to have any difficulty or even care.  That bitterness can sometimes come through, take over, eat at my Joy.   But that was not the case here.  There was only Joy and Love at this shower, and catching up and laughing with Friends I hadn't seen in a while.

Jill really loved the blanket I made for Baby Girl S.  They know the name, but they aren't telling.  I know how tempting it is to confess to all.  But sometimes it's good to make sure the new name is a good fit for the child in question.  We were about 75% sure that Sam was going to be Samuel Elijah, not Elijah Samuel as I had plugging for.  We decided to wait and see if he was a Sam in character or an Elijah.  Oh yes, he was a Sam. I can't wait to hear what her name is going to be. 

We had a gaggle of Butler friends there, from the generation of Craig and I, down through Jill's.   How I love getting together with these folks, a couple hours just wasn't enough.  We need to get all the yahoos together again soon, with spouses and kids, I think.   

It was fun to meet our friends Joe and Kate's most recent little one Baby Lucie, 3 months old already.  

 Yeah, I got my baby snuggle fix.  

As hard as it is when the uterus doesn't do what I want it to do, I enjoyed being around these gals for whom it's finally working out.  And even hearing stories about how rough it is for my friends with 3 or more doesn't really deter me from wanting more.  Little Beauties like this just make my uterus do somersaults.  It makes my heart open up and continue to want more.  Though in the mean time, getting to snuggle a while, until they start to get a little fussy, then give them back, is pretty nice too.