Friday, September 7, 2012

Unpacking insanity


Saturday morning, we had a lot of work to do.  Lots of unpacking.  Lisa and I found a groove starting in the kitchen.  We had the girls parked on the couch in the dining area, too many boxes to put it in the living room yet, and they were happy.  So happy that when it came time to run to the store for cleaning supplies and contact paper, etc. I sent James and Lisa off on a quick store run, much more productive without me and the yahoos.  I told them they had an hour.  They were thrilled.

However, a half an hour later the girls were hungry and fighting.  Annie was in time out, and I was trying to rearrange the chairs in the dining room so that Charlie could sit. I lifted the chair, thinking the light fixture was centered over the table, only it wasn't, so the chair smacked into the light.  In slow motion, I watched as the glass bowl covering the bulbs wobbled free, dangled from a hook, then fell, bouncing off the table before hitting the tile floor and shattering into a bazillion glass shards at Charlie's feet.  By God's Grace, I was already wearing my sandals, so I was able to walk over to her, pick her up and whisk her away, into the kitchen.  I checked her over, and could only see one cut, on the top of her foot. *Graphic warning*  But it was deep, and had started to bleed in a small rivulet down her foot.  I rinsed it out, and had to dig a bit to make sure there wasn't any glass under the skin flap.  Oh my poor sweetgirl.  She cried out so.  I kept calm cleaning her up and putting pressure on it, in spite of her crying, as that little flap bled. Finally I got her bandaged up, and put her in the bedroom with Annie.  Gave them ipads and fruit snacks, and anything else to keep them happy and quiet, while I cleaned up.  I called Lisa, and as soon as I heard her voice, I burst into tears.  I had been fine, until I heard her, and had to confess that I broke the baby.  I was shaky and crying for a good hour afterwards.  I was so upset, that I had hurt Charlie.  I've had to do 'surgery' on Christopher before, medical procedures at home, and I just dealt with it.  But with Charlie, she wasn't mine, and it was much harder.  
Afterward she wimpered, "Bad Anty Caty, you hurt my foot."  Yes I did, and I was so sorry, I couldn't stop crying either.   Breaking glass and breaking babies is exhausting work, so after Lisa returned, talked me down repeating, Charlie was fine, we all took Fat naps.  

Such an exhausting day, by dinnertime, I'd killed the dining room lamp and broke the baby.  We had founds some toys, and that brought the girls joy (see above). Lisa wasn't up for cooking, kitchen progress had been made, but no one felt like cooking.  

Lisa had the rather brilliant idea of checking out the base sushi place, wisely named, The Sushi Place.  Who am I to argue?  Not I.  No way.  And so we went.  And by the time we got there, we were hungry.  We may have gone a little crazy.  

Even Charlie was hungry, digging right in to Shrimp Tempura, stuffing an entire shrimp in her mouth like it was a stogie, and using her greasy fingers to moisturize her hair.  

Don't you just love that hairstyle?  

The nigiri round.  Annie was loudly demanding her own salmon and tuna.   So she got some.   

This was a happy texas sushi appetizer I'd never heard of:  Tuna Ceviche.  It was tuna meets an avocado salsa, simply overflowing with fresh lime and cilantro.  Piling this business on those crunchy wanton noodles was simply heavenly.  

We may have gone a little bonkers when it came to ordering the rolls.  We ordered some of our usual favorite things - lots of eel, salmon, and even 'dessert sushi' with bananas or pineapple.  It was so good.  But of course, when it came time to the actual eating, we only took care of about a third.  I think we took home more than we ate, Lisa disagrees.  Either way a lot of it went home, and made for a Fine breakfast in the morning.  ;) 

After supper, the grownups were so bloated and full we could only wabble.  Only the girls had energy to play on the little mall outdoor playground.  We didn't let them play for long, eating such a wonderful, filling meal, exhausted us too.  We did stay awake for a while just chatting.  Surprisingly I didn't miss the internet very much, not as much as I thought I would.  

When James and Li were out on their own, they picked out a tv, and after the littles were down, James put it together.  I told them we should watch the new muppet movie, The Muppets, that Lisa would love it.  She didn't want to, but finally, reluctantly agreed to just checking out the first segment (song) and I told her if she didn't absolutely love it we could stop.  Only we didn't.  Full, and bloated, we sat there watching the entire movie of the Muppets.  I don't know if she loved it as much as I, but we had a great love of the old muppet stuff from when we were younger, and the newer movie is such a classic throwback.  Being surrounded by boxes didn't even matter, we just enjoyed a break from the unpacking insanity to watch some trashy tv.  A great end to a whacky day.