Sunday, September 23, 2012



As I said, by Tuesday I was feeling much much better.  My friend Elizabeth and I took a fabulous trip up to Costco.  She'd never been, and I felt it was my duty to show her around.   Her little Gabrielle thought it was pretty fun when she went running through the very cold refrigerated fruits and veggies section.  It's a little hard to see, but he was giving me the biggest cheesy grin.  And he wasn't fussy. 

 I'm really enjoying going to the store on days when Sam is in school, I hear a fussy child, and it's Not Mine!

Another perk of the day, I entered a facebook contest and won a free pizza from Rock Star, my fav pizza place in town.  I never win anything!  But that was pretty sweet.  Chris said, on our way to pick it up, Mommy I want to take my wallet in, so I can buy you a pizza.  Aww....   
It's still adorable, even if he wants to buy me a Free pizza.  I let him buy his own breadsticks with 'yellow dip'.  His fav.