Saturday, September 15, 2012

Seasonal Sweets


I am declaring unofficially, Fall Is Here.

I found Apple Cider at the store this week, and now that the weather is cooling down, I have been craving all things pumpkin.  Yesterday, Sam helped me carry out this craving, by helping Mommy make some pumpkin bread.  Yum.  He's getting of the age where he's beginning to be helpful, instead of more of a hindrance.  And he enjoys cooking with me, just like big brother did/does.

What baking of breads is complete without sampling a little bit, you know, to make sure it's ok?!

Oh yeah, Sam thinks it's OK. 

Once our bread was in the oven, Sam wanted cocoa to go with it, we compromised and made some carmel apple cider.  We took the cider we picked up at the store, added a few tbsp of caramel dessert topping, and about 1/2 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice, and let it go, in my latte maker. 

You know the seasons have changed at our house when I put the Magic Bullet away and break out the Kitchenaid mixer and the latte maker.  

Aunt Amy came over and joined us for cider and pumpkin bread.  Twice in one week we got to see her, Absolute Madness!