Sunday, September 23, 2012



Dear Lord, I am thankful for my chiropractor.  I didn't get a chance to take any pictures on Monday.  I thought I had the whole day before me.  I got up, felt good, got showered, dressed, doing well, got Sam all set and we were loading up to go Kindermusik class, when PING!  I backed out of my driveway and suddenly noticed some extreme back pain.  I was having trouble breathing.  The pain required to take a full breath sent blue fuzzies into my vision.  That's Bad.  I couldn't take a deep breath.  And you know, that's when you want one the most, so I started to cry.  Crying doesn't help, fyi.  It started to go inter hyperventilating, so I pulled over a second, while Sam talked about the geese, and calmed down.  I commenced calling my friend, because I suspected I was going to have trouble getting Sam out of the car.  I called Eric and told him to come home, and my chiropractor.  I ended up getting Sam out of the car, by squatting a bit, reaching in and unbuckling him, and letting him do the rest, God Bless him. Then I walked him in to the library, very slow, careful, so as to not aggrevate it.  That worked.  I got straight into the car and called Dr. J.  I hadn't been able to get him, because he wasn't in yet.  His secretary said she'd call him and see if he would pop over to see me.  Bless him, he did.  But apparently I scared the snot of the poor gal, when I told her I couldn't breathe, that I was just going to go home, take drugs and go to bed.  Apparently, that's not the wise thing to do when you can't breathe.  Well, neither is going to spend half the day in the E.R. 400$ later pay for a shot, that would induce the same nap that I could get a heck of a lot easier by going home.  
Well, my doc came in, adjusted me, and tortured me to tears digging into my spasming muscle.  I'm sure it would have been much worse, if he hadn't iced me down first.  But he sent me home with some exercises that have helped.  And since I was too gorked out the rest of the day to remember to take pictures, my "picture" of the day is their icon, so if you have back pain, you can get info to a great chiropractor.  I say great because I was back to functioning on my own 24 hours later, enough to go to the store (heavy labor like shopping), and running by Wednesday!  

I did get a big kick out of his explanation of The root of my problem:  Your muscles are weak, and you have excessive weight in the upper front.  AKA, my boobs.  My back can't take my boobs.  Makes sense.  Been having trouble for 20 years with them.  Guess it's a good plan then for me to get them reduced for my 40th.  Why 40, you ask?  Because by then I figure we'll be done attempting to have more kids.  My eggs will be so old, I won't want/need to worry about nursing.  Heck, God may be choosing early for me.  But I figure by 40, I will give up for sure.  In the mean time, I'm gathering lots of evidence for the insurance company so they won't deny paying for my breast reduction.  And if I get another wee one in the mean time, that would be pretty darn Awesome too!