Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rude little animals


Thursday, I had some rude little animals in my presence.  First, the squirrels out back, have been really enjoying the cooler weather.  Enjoying it enough to get out and tease Princess.  They come up to within 10 feet of the house, waving their tails, and teasing her, but as soon as I let her out, off they go up a tree.


On this occasion, the squirrel kept circling around the tree, only 2-3 feet higher than Prinny.  The teasing was driving her absolutely batty.  

Speaking of bats.  My friend Kathleen has been seeing some unusual poo on her porch for ages.  She put out mouse traps, chipmunk bait, I don't even know what all, to try to capture whatever was leaving the pellets.  Last summer, she saw a little bat up on her porch.  Aha!  It was bat poo.

But how does one get rid of a bat?

I went over to her place on Thursday night for a run, and this was the first time I got to see her little houseguest personally.  He didn't move much.  But yesterday, she wrote the DNR and they used my photos to identify her little friend as a Big Brown Bat.  I know that sounds sarcastic, but seriously, that's what it is.  They aren't creative on bat names, apparently, Indiana is also home to the Little Brown Bat or the Indiana Bat.  This guy seemed pretty tiny to me, but apparently since he's the size of a fist he's a Big Brown Bat.  

He was kind of cute.  In an annoying, quit pooping on my friend's porch sort of way.  We greatly appreciate his help with the bug problem, but really, the poo is gross. Any suggestions on bat removal, without inflicting harm, would be appreciated.  

If you feel like coming around to go squirrel hunting, that's just fine.  I prefer my rodents flying.