Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend

What a Crazy Awesome weekend!

Friday night, our friends the Meyaard Pfanschmidts came over. Some friend were getting married, and Amy was in the wedding. So they came down for slumber parties after the rehearsal dinner. Too bad the kids were exhausted, the little ones were out cold, but the big ones were still too thrilled to have a slumber party. Woohoo! Jamma Jamma Jamma Jamma! P! J!

Story time was great. It's refreshing to have girls who really sit quietly and listen to bedtime stories instead of behaving like Sam climbing all over me like a jungle gym as I try to read.

The kids weren't inclined to sleep in much Saturday morning either. They held out until 7, which isn't too bad... unless you're exhausted from the night before. We may need some curtains in the Butler bedroom. And they were adorable curling up watching cartoons.

Baby Liam (who is 1 1/2, but I'm still going to call him Baby) was a boy on the Go, all over the place, which is why there aren't any pictures of him until this one. He finally collapsed in the living room to watch cartoons, and Fina curled up to Guard him. The two of them (Fina and Liam) chased each other all ove the house this weekend. So Adorable.

The wedding of Jill and Craig!

This was not just your every day wedding, but the joining of two friends from Butler. They were a few years apart in school, both in the marching bad, both in TBS and KKPsi but only had vague knowledge of each other. And then 13 years later E-harmony brought them together again, so they gave it a go and they fell in love, and they just got married to go live Happily Ever After.

It was a Beautiful ceremony, lots of Love, actually really reminded me of my own wedding. Sigh. And Wowza by the way, Everybody cleans up so nicely!

We hit the reception, but turns out I'm not as young and crazy as I used to be. I danced a bit, but the heat and the noise were getting to me. I was quite Thankful we didn't bring the kids, but I missed them, they would've had a great time dancing with friends too. I swear as the evening progressed, I think the staff cleared the water glasses away and turned up the music at the same time, in some sort of cahootz to get us out. Well, it worked on me. The next morning, Amy and I did a spot of shopping before they had to hit the road and we had brunch with some friends who were in town visiting for the wedding. I wish this weekend could've lasted weeks instead of mere days. Exhausting as it was, it was so refreshing to visit with my friends who have moved far away. I miss them. So Much. This may have been the last double Butler wedding. I don't know of any Butler band couples headed for the aisle, so we're just going to have to find alternatives of getting the 'band back together'.