Thursday, April 17, 2014

How Rude!


Tuesday we woke up the rudest thing ever.  Snow.  On the ground in April!  In the middle of April!

Christopher was rather angry, and just to show us, he told us, "I am NOT going to go outside and play in it, because it's Not Fair that it snows in the middle of Spring!"  No doubt dude, no doubt.

Princess was a bit surprised at our mid-spring dusting too. 

The littler boys were really bummed they couldn't go outside and wait for the bus with biggest brother.  Instead, Chris played in the window with them.  And Jake smacked Sam upside the head, and Sam just laughed at him.  Sam's so good-natured.  And Chris just laughed at them both.  They are all pretty hysterical. 

Once the sun came out, even though it was only 30 degrees, the snow started to melt a bit.  

But then it spent most of the day still flurrying in spite of the sunshine.  
It was the weirdest weather. 
But hey, that's Indiana.  

Sam was tempted to go out and play in it, or catch snowflakes too. 

Jake got one last chance to wear a sweater, a 12-18 monther I found hiding in the closet last week, and get a chance to play in the saucer.  
But his joy lasted only about 2 minutes; it might be time to get rid of the saucer too.  
So rude for so much to be changing all at the same time.