Friday, April 18, 2014

An Easter Egg Hunt

 Wednesday night, our church held an Easter Egg Hunt.  Our friends Lori and Jeanine created it, and they incoorperated some of our songs from VBS's past for all the kids to sing before the actual Egg Hunt began.  I was happily surprised at how easily Chris leapt into dancing along.  He really wanted to entertain Jacob with his slick moves.  But Jake was more content as a people watcher.

When the mini-service was done, they let the kids Loose outside.  

The big ones took off, I wish I'd put them in easily identifiable clothes.  
But I had Jacob on my back in his backpack carrier.  

Someone had tossed eggs into the bushes, and they were Just the right height for Jacob.  

Baby gets his first Easter egg! 

My friend Lori took this one, of both the bigger boys helping make sure the kiddie area was cleared of eggs. 

Christopher found some eggs over by a big tree. 

Sam got the Golden Egg! 
It wasn't technically anything fancy or a special reward; all the eggs in this hunt were empty, to symbolize the tomb.  After all the kids find a bunch of eggs, they turn them in for a baggie of tricks, that way no child who gets more eggs ends up with more candy or goodies than any other child.  It's a great day.  

Sam joined Chris for finding eggs around the trees. 

The boys with their final haul! 

My friend Lori took this last picture of Jacob  who was completely unwilling to turn in his egg.  He was happily clinging on to it for dear life.  So we let him keep it.  

Here's one last one from Lori, of Sam turning his eggs in, and choosing a bottle of bubbles.  
See it's not all candy and 'crap', but it sure was a lot of fun!