Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A stone that stays home gathers no moss


Sam, Jake, and I stayed home yesterday, so I could continue to recover from my illness.  It was a wise choice on my part, to rest.  The sun was shining, even the dog was happy about that.

And amazingly enough, I felt good enough to get outside with my macro lens.  
I haven't done that in ages. 
But the sun was shining off the moss on the trees.  And it got me thinking, isn't there supposed to be a side of the trees that there is no moss?  Well, after a bit of searching, my trees have greenage all around, but I think it's lichens, not moss.  Lichens are kind of a fungus cousin, and I saw some I recognize, big flaky white things, but nothing as spongy and stalky as true moss.  I think I have funguses on my fungus. 

However, a couple of the trees are starting to sprout, we'll be getting some greenage here soon, all right Spring! 

This is more what I think of when I think of lichens - which are defined as organisms kind of between an algae and a fungus, as they have a happy symbiotic relationship.  
Man, I've forgotten so much botany it's not even funny.  

Well, whatever it is, lichen, moss, or's cool.  

And yesterday in the sunlight, after days of rain, and a long dark winter, my trees were sparkly, 
and it was cool.