Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Po Hubbins


Eric is sick.  He came home from work yesterday, said he didn't feel well, so he went to 6:30.  He 'slept' until 8 this morning.  I must say I wish I'd been able to lay in bed for 13 hours, but 2/3 of my children had rough nights.  Then Eric got up this morning and said he felt worse.  He did not make it to work today.  We had these lofty plans of running away to Chicago for a couple nights, and going to the aquarium and seeing a friend in a play there, but I had to bail.  There was no way I was going to take 3 yahoos to downtown Chicago alone.  As it was, I've barely been able to cover around here with him down.  We made an appointment for him at the doctor, and turns out it is Strep.
Poor guy. We all got it last year, or was it the year before...well, whenever it was, it was Nasty.

He kept trying to come out and be part of the family, but it was useless, he had less than no energy.  He spent most of the day in bed.  And that left me to do everything else.  The biggest toughest thing for me was getting dog food.  I'd gone to the feed barn yesterday, but Prinny was out, and that 50 pound bag needed to be in the house.  It fell upon me to move it.  And I did.  I haven't moved a bag that big in years, my back can't take it.  But I did it, in stages, and focused on going slow, using my legs, and I did it. I said aloud later, I'm a Badass!  I moved the dog food and got it all put away in the bin, that is a successful day! I'm a Badass!  Ooops, I said it in front of Chris.  I had to make him promise not to say that until he was an adult.  Only adults can be badasses, I told him.  
My back hurts, but not so much I can't least, not yet. But it could be that I did dishes, or laundry, not just dog food.  That's the crappy thing about back pain, it isn't always the stuff like moving bodies or dog food, it can be as simple as closing a door.  I've set myself off just closing the fridge funny, or buckling a child in.  And the fact that I made it through this day sore, but not miserable is Huge.  Just pray I can still move tomorrow...Eric too.  At least he's on good drugs now.