Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Palm Sunday

On Sunday, our church really did it up for Palm Sunday.  It was a great day for the kids.  Traditionally, I think of Easter as being a big day for the kids, but this year, the Sunday School crew really did it up.  They made Resurrection Rolls at the beginnning, you know where you pretend a marshmallow is Jesus, dip it in oil and spices (aka butter and cinnamon) and wrap him up in a cave, and when it's baked, the marshmallow disappears.  My kids were excited by them, but one of their classmates was so animated he told me about it all the way to the car, "and the marshmallow was gone, Just Like Jesus!"  I couldn't help but think, Thank You Lori!  My friend Lori and the other Sunday School teachers are simply amazing.  They took the kids outside, and then built their own Easter Garden for each family, which is currently placed on our table. I water it each day, but this morning Eric suggested using a spray bottle, yeah I should do that instead of making a mess each day.  But still it was so sweet to see a project that Sam and Chris worked on together.

Then the kids went up front of the grace service and sang for us.  

I did record a snippet of video of them singing Amazing Love. 

They really did a wonderful job.  

Then they went into the Traditional Service and sang there too
Sam is in the front right with the littler kids, and Chris is on the far left.  

I stayed in the back to be out of the way.  Wish I'd gotten closer, but at least in the back, I could hear well. 
And the kids sounded really good.

Chris is on the left in purple.   If you want to see my friend Lori's video of the big kids sing He Loves Us So. 


I know this last song, with the big kids, is pretty blurry, but the kids sounded really great. 

 When we came back from the boys performance, I found this.  Daddy had just let Jake sit on the floor during the Grace service (our contemporary service) playing with his palm leaf.  

Happy Palm Sunday!