Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Welcome to the Family of Christ, Baby Cole!


Sunday was a wonderful day for the Willman Clan.  We welcomed Cole Alan Willman into the Family of Christ through his Baptism.   Cole is Eric's youngest brother, Karl, his wife Erica's sweetboy.  He's almost 4 months old, and a simply beautiful blend of his parents.

He was so adorable when we arrived at the church on Sunday morning.  
It turns out he was able to wear the same outfit that Karl wore when he was baptized! 

When the Baptism began, the Pastor called up all the kids in the congregation so that they could watch, see, and get a great view of this newest member of the family of Christ.  The 2 little yahoos in front wearing turquoise are Chris and Sam.


Cole loves a good bath, and he was rather upset that they kept starting and stopping. 

Erica's brother Mark, and sister in law Courtney got to be the Godparents.  

It was a Beautiful Ceremony.  

Erica said his snips were the loudest he's ever been at church. Ha!  In comparison to my kids, Cole has a lot deeper to dig to find his big boy voice. Although actually, my children were pretty well behaved during the service. Jacob was content sitting with Grandpa until the very end.  And we separated Chris and Sam, so Chris was focused on singing the hymns, and he did a wonderful job.  Until the end, when we were getting ready to leave, and the boys decided to use their umm...outdoor voices while we were still inside the sanctuary.  Of course, they were louder than little Cole, they were louder than the congregation milling about.  We took a break, a time out in the car, and drove up to Karl and Erica's for a luncheon.  They had Yats catering.  I had never tried their stuff, but I was hugely impressed.  If I was pregnant I'd be craving that chili cheese etouffe with crawfish, and chicken maque chou forever.  It could have been a serious problem.  Because that stuff was Good. The chicken was my favorite, it had some sweet corn and cheesy goodness, and it was so good.    Lucky for us, they sent us home with leftovers. :) Yum-o!