Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Field Trip


Yesterday was Sam's first Field Trip for his Science Class. 

We went to Eagle Creek Park. 
I hadn't been to Eagle Creek Park - actually going inside of it, in a couple years.  
I'd never been inside of the Earth Discovery Center. 
His science teacher gave them a great list of items to find on a nature walk.  
And we were supposed to have a picnic lunch, but instead we decided to have a floor picnic at the school due to rain.  

As soon as we arrive, Sam checked off finding flower, as he picked me a dandelion. 
I love when he picks me flowers.  
I put in in my hair, and started singing "If you're going to San Francisco..."  which made him laugh.  

Then the group went on a hike.

I had 20 pounds of Jacob on my back, and Sam by my side, and it felt so calming and nice to be out in the woods.  I had my little point and shoot camera, which as it turns out is pretty good in spite of being unable to bend over because of backpack full of sweetboy. 

On our small hike I spotted this moss.   It made me very excited that I recognized its sporophytes right away.  That's the reproductive parts of moss, kind of like a flower, it was neat to see it naturally occurring.   

This was my favorite:  Virginia Bluebells.  

I think I may need to plant some of these: a. they love the woods, so they'd be ok in my shadey backyard 2. the flowers start out pink and turn blue, and d. they are just so darn pretty!  

Even Sam thought so, though he couldn't get much smell off them, and I couldn't get down that far to smell them either.  ;) 

It was a rainy musty day, and still things are starting to get a little green. 
The woods looked amazing. 

My last bonus picture, as we were driving out of the park I saw a pair of bluebirds.  
Can you see the male?  He is the brightest, about 2 o'clock from my watermark. And the Mrs. is right up the branch from him.  They were flying around, even Sam saw them zip by our car.  So Cool.  
I love Spring, and I may need to get back to Eagle Creek when I get in better shape to enjoy it more.